Tips for Choosing the Right Dry Cleaning Service


Are you unsure about where to drop your clothes for a dry clean? Lots of people will just choose the dry cleaner that is nearby, but remember that the wrong decision can end up costing you eventually. Your clothes cost you cash, so do your math to sum up the cost of replacing your dresses or suits.


If you take a little time to check what your dry cleaner offers, you could save not just money but time in the long run.


Remember the following as you try to make the right choice: 


Your Money's Worth     


Although it is tempting to opt for the least expensive service, that may not be the brightest idea. Quality dry cleaning requires a little more. For one, a good dry cleaner must pay for good equipment, quality and reliable employees, quick turn around and excellent customer service.  All of these cost money, but they are basic to making a good dry cleaner stay in business. Going with dry cleaners that offers top of the line service repays you in ways your few dollars saved never could.


Quality Workers


When you step inside, are the workers nice and knowledgeable? Do they have the answers to your questions, or do they offer to find them if they don't know them yet? The employees of a business speak much about the business itself. A good staff that gives quality customer service is something you should put on top of your requirement list.


Business and Industry Experience


Yes, there can never be a substitute for experience, and most certainly, that applies to the dry cleaning business too. Pick a dry cleaning service that has been operating for no less than three years. The business is highly competitive, and if they lasted that long, they must be good. Besides, you don't want your precious clothes handled by inexpert cleaners, or you may have to buy new ones altogether.


Extra Treats


Are you particular about environment friendliness? Perhaps you want a dry cleaner that will pick-up and deliver your clothes so you don't have to take care of this yourself. These things may not be necessary, but they are small treats that can enhance your total customer experience. Know what perks are being offered before you choose a particular dry cleaner.


Satisfaction Guarantee


Finally, keep in mind that good dry cleaners always put their customers' satisfaction first. And if that involves making a guarantee offer, they will do it wholeheartedly. As a customer, this is a very good sign. Find a dry cleaner that offers a guarantee, indicating they stand behind their work.